My favorite photo restoration story comes from a friend in California who ran across an old black and white image of her kindergarten class. It had been taken in the 1950s and had seen a lot of wear and tear over the years. But it was special because it had a picture of my friend and her sister. Working with a scan of the original image, applying various digital tools and techniques, and lovingly recreating missing portions, the final product looked like a new photo. When it was revealed to my friend she began crying (which worried me at first), and through the tears she exclaimed that one of the teachers in the back row was actually her Mother! She was so surprised and excited to have rediscovered this image of the three of them together. If you have a faded, folded, stained, abused photo that you would like restored, please give me a call to discuss what a digital restoration could do for your precious memory.

Photo Repair & Restoration

Legacy Slideshows

Sometimes you want to share memories with more than a set of printed images. Don't get me wrong... I cherish the printed images I have of family and events, but pulling them out of the drawer or off the shelf can be a pain! Let me help you create a legacy DVD of your special memories, playable on your home entertainment system, personal computer, or mobile device. Photos and videos can be combined with music to create an entertaining slideshow that you can pass on to future generations. This is a great way archive old family images from generations back to hand down to current and future generations. The project includes scanning of images and minor adjustments to make them look their best in the slideshow. Contact me to discuss your legacy project vision.

Legacy Slideshow

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